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7 Week Journey through Chakras Intensive in Teepee

Your chakras are the body’s energy centers through which the life force flows, helping you to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  

Knowing how this system operates is vital if you wish to take charge of your life. It puts you in command of your energy and helps you to truly experience your thoughts and emotions. Explore how your energy can be expanded and transformed through understanding and healing the seven major energy centers known as your Chakras.  

Each week will focus on a specific chakra, learn where they are located and how to use them most effectively. We will deeply explore the attributes of each chakra and learn about who we are and the attitudes that form our lives. You will learn techniques and exercises for keeping your chakras in balance and master the principles of chakra healing. 

We will end each session with a guided visualization & meditation to allow you to integrate and gain a deeper personal understanding of each Chakra. 

Meeting every week for 7 Weeks! 

Sunday’s January 22 – March 12 (NO CLASS FEBRUARY 5TH) 
10:00 a.m. - noon 

$30 per class or all 7 weeks pre-paid for $175 

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