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 Experience the Joy of Drumming

Drumming is for everyone!

"The vibrations from the drums go right to the heart, lightening your worries, energizing your body, settling your mind and lifting your Spirit! Come get your vitamin "D" at our drum circle!

Come let the vibrations of the drums sooth away your stress, massage your muscles and un-clutter your mind. We drum to heal ourselves and to express our creativity in a non-verbal way. Bring your drum or play the ones we provide, simple instructions are given, and we are off. All types of drums and percussion instruments are welcome. 

A community drum circle brings people together. Everyone is welcome to join. If you have never drummed before in your entire life, now is the time to try it. We are people who want to share the joy of being together to create a collective consciousness.

Join us as we gather to make new friends and do what we love to do best - DRUM and DANCE as FREE SPIRITS!

Come have some fun and drum! 7:00 - 8:30pm

(7:00-8:30pm the 1st Wed. of the month)

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