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 Meet Kaile Dutton

Kaile Dutton is an Advanced Thetahealer©,  Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader,  Medium, Sound Healer, and Animal Communicator.  She focuses to  provide healing to help all walks of life for all stages of life with her transformative readings and healing facilitations. 


She is very connected to the Faerie realm and often works with them and her clients to bring back the seeing of magic in the world and through the heart mind.  She can channel messages from them through Faerie decks and direct connective communication for those beings who want to converse.


She also works with the healing energies and channels and connects to the consciousness of crystals for messages and guidance for you.


Kaile began learning tarot and psychic readings along with Reiki back in early 2000.  Guided by great teachers and trusted, knowledgable friends she now offers healing sessions and readings using a variety of techniques.  She honed her skills through long applied study and volunteer work and as a result has received multiple certifications.


Her readings are a mix of tarot, intuition, and mediumship.  Her healings are also a mix of Advanced Thetahealing®,  Reiki, Sound, New Paradigm, Munay Ki and healing energy from spirit.  


She allows Spirit and Universe to guide her in bringing messages of love, hope, direction, and healing for the participants highest and best interest.  


You will leave a healing session or reading with Kaile feeling hopeful and lighter, having connected with the source of unconditional love and guidance from creator, guides, and loved ones that help her facilitate for you.  Namaste and peace be with you always.

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