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Kids Yoga & Adult Relaxation

Kids naturally have a wonderful sense of imagination, so much energy and natural curiosity. Yoga at Shanti Shala allows them to express themselves freely in a safe and supportive environment that is non-judgmental and never competitive.

Yoga for kids is so much fun. Yes, it’s meditation and focus and savasana. But even more so, we will play games, sing songs and use art as meditation. This is a very interactive class. 

Each class ends with rest and meditation, which are important aspects of the class as well. Children are natural yogis; they will have a blast exploring their new moves while building a strong body, flexibility and breath awareness. 

While the kids enjoy their class in the studio, parents can chill in Buddhaville. bring some snacks, kick back and enjoy your time relaxing. The children personalize their own yoga mat, some crystals and ususally a peice of art they created.

Investment $12

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