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Kundalini Yoga for Chakras

Open the gages of freedom through your physical, emotional ad mental bodies.

Kundalini yoga not only activates the kundalini, it prepares the body to that it can receive the energy.  With kundalini yoga our lower emotional frequencies and thoughts are automatically transmuted to higher awareness.  

This series of 8 classes!  You can attend all 8 or join in on any class.

Week 1 -  Root: Being present, having all basic survival needs met


The 1st/Root Chakra is Muladara, and like the roots of a tree, is the foundation of the Chakra System, our connection to the earth, our home and physical and financial support. With a strong 1st chakra we have a sense of trust in the Earth and in life to support us. The word "matter" has the same root as "mother" - mother earth, and like red earth, the 1st chakra's color is red. Its vibration is the slowest of all the chakras.  Take a slow walk in nature and feel the connection through your feet to the earth below. Slow down that walk. In Mountain pose, feel your roots growing deeply into the red earth while the crown of your head rises to the sky.

Week 2  - Sacral: Enjoying the variety of pleasures in life


The 2nd/Sacral Svadisthana Chakra is the chakra of creativity and pleasure, feelings and desire, sexuality and relationships with others. Svadisthana means 'the sweetness of pleasure'. It's related to the moon, and like the moon’s pull on the tides, our desires and passions can move great oceans of energy.  The 2nd Chakra's water element brings us fluidity and flexibility, which helps balance the drive of the will.  Visit a body of water. Feel its flow as you swim in its waves and spirals. Come out and dance playfully with others.

Week 3 -  Solar Plexus: Determination & confidence to make dreams into reality


The 3rd Chakra/Manipura Chakra is the chakra of action and the will, our personality and ego, our inner fire and digestion.  Useright use of will to overcome obstacles and work with focused intention toward your goal. Build a fire.  Feel its heat.  Channel that energetic and focused quality within you, that 'fire in the belly'.  Set your intention. Then take your imaginary bow and go for it.

Week 4 -  Heart: Loving thyself, loving and being loved


The 4th/Heart Chakra/Anahata is the chakra of compassion and unconditional love. Its element is air and it's the central chakra of the Chakra System, with its yantra symbolizing the bridge between polarities such as the spiritual and the mundane. Through this meeting place, at the core, we find balance. Feel gratitude for the moment and for all the fresh air you breathe in. Feel connected to all the others sitting around the fire and at the same time experience spaciousness.  Meditate on compassion for yourself and others.



Week 5 - Throat: Clear efficient communication

The 5th Chakra/Visuddha, is the chakra of communication, sound and self expression. Visuddha means 'purified', and sound has a purifying and organizing nature. For example - 'Clear the air'. Chant or sing as you sit around the fire. Find your voice and speak your truth. Create a mantra or affirmation. Feel the energy and resonance in your voice grow.



Week 6 - Third Eye: Strengthening your intuition

The 6th Chakra/Ajna Chakra or Third Eye is the chakra of intuition, imagination and the power of visualization. Ajna means"to perceive is to command" - that which you can visualize you can create. Look at the fire, at the colors and contours of the flames. See the smoke rise and notice how it dissipates into the heavens. Close your eyes and see what images come to you.

Week 7  Crown: Connecting with your higher power


The 7th/Crown/Sahasrara Chakra, also known as the Thousand-Fold Lotus, is the chakra of thought and the unlimited powers of the mind, the vastness of consciousness and our connection to the divine both within and without.

Sit in silent meditation, rooted into the earth below. Feel the energy rising up your spine, and the lotus blossom at the crown of your head as a receiver of divine energy. Feel at one with the stars in the sky



June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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