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 Meet Diana Burke

Diana Burke is the owner and founder of Artemis Crystal Works!


She is an amazing healer, crystal communicator, reiki master/teacher, I.E.T practitioner, and beautiful soul! She has profound wisdom and knowledge attained from her work with crystals, and connects deeply with every piece she brings to the world. 


Diana has been an amazing member of the spiritual community for years, offering peace, love, healing, and of course crystals to all those she meets! You can find her all around the South Shore with her entourage of crystals, jewelry, love, and light! Offering beautiful and unique stones, crystals, and jewelry at an affordable price!


Diana is also a powerful healer! She offers incredible healing sessions using the energies of crystals and angels to deliver deep healing to the mind, body, and spirit! As well as delivering incredible messages and readings through her connections with crystals, and angels!

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