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Restorative Yoga Workshop for Inner Bliss

Come experience Bliss with Sheree & Darnell!

Restorative yoga is a wonderful experience for every body.  We will be integrating many healing modalities to create one unified relaxing experience.

Take an inward journey of healing toward for a renewal of your body and mind through  restorative yoga, therapeutic touch and sound healing . All theses things together will help you reach a deep layer of release.

Over the course of the two-hour we spend together, you will receive guided therapeutic restorative yoga poses with hands-on adjustments using Thai Yoga massage, and energy work. You will relax in postures for 15 minutes using bolsters, blankets and blocks while Sheree and I come around and pamper you.

Ending with a sound-healing meditation where we will explore the power of the gongs, drums or singing bowls to balance the energy centers in the body to experience vibrational wellness (we will intuitively use the sound that is needed according to the energy in the room).

Call Darnell with any questions at 857-526-2200  

Investment: $35

Sunday, June 4th

2:30 - 4:30 pm

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