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Wild Woman Soul Circle with Darnell

Are you yearning to find deeper meaning in your life?

Are you ready to unleash your inner desires, open your heart to true purpose, lots of fun and experience freedom in your life?

Let's reconnect to our Bodies and Soul with the healing power of nature, self-love  and  self-care.  

Join the Wild Woman Soul Circle and learn how to say yes to a more vibrant, energetic and connected life.  Together we will gently and lovingly shed old patterns that hold back the wild, wise, and amazing woman within you. This is an opportunity for women to step out of their comfort zone of daily life to connect, share, grow, and celebrate one another in a sacred way.

We will hold each other and the gathering itself as sacred.  Listening wholeheartedly to what each woman has to say, holding her in support and compassion, receiving her in wholeness and with unconditional love.


January 14th, 7 pm - 9 pm

Investment:  $20

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