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Words of the moment~ Spirituality!

So many thoughts this morning and I’m kind of all over the place with them but just letting them flow out as I’m being hugged by nature. Why be a spiritual show-off (lol I’m being kind with my words) when simply being spiritual is such a beautiful thing. There are many people that are tapped in and have great talents but are not spiritual people, they are totally two different things. Being spiritual isn’t about what you do (meaning what you learn) it’s really about how you choose to live your life with all those thing you have learned. It’s so easy to be manipulated tricked or deceived by that so called spiritual one so they can get what they want (money, attention, love, sex and so on). It is so important to walk your path and to take care of yourself before you start taking care of others. Self-love is an important part of being spiritual. There’s alway more than enough to go around and spiritual peeps know this so they don’t usually come from a place of lack, jealousy or competition. A real healer or spiritual healer/leader takes other people up with them and wants the light to be shared with all not just on themselves. It’s about all of us shining brightly and under no circumstances dimming anyone else’s light. It seems like spirituality has become a fad these days and the deep connection isn’t there it’s just surface. Please people handle your ego and stop trying to lower the vibration of others that are real to make yourself look better, it doesn’t work that way. That type of behavior comes back around to bite you... Ouch! ✌🏽❤️😊 Imagine if we all created a life of deep passion, clear purpose, total freedom and pleasure together as we flowed down the river towards more bliss. Now that’s what I’m talking about! 

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